Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Iran: US acting as military dictatorship in ME

Source: PressTV

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki says the US is acting as a military dictatorship in the Middle East by killing countless number of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iran's top diplomat made the comments in response to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who said Iran is “moving toward a military dictatorship.

Mottaki described Clinton's remarks as "modern deceit," and added that
"We are regretful that the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … tries to conceal facts about the stance of the US administration trough fake words.

This (Clinton's remark) is aimed "at diverting the attention of the public in the region (away from their problems) to unreal and incorrect topics," he added.

The Iranian minister raised questions about the US military dictatorship in the region and said that Washington has killed large numbers of Iraqi and Afghan civilians while Iran has accepted and helped millions of refugees from the two countries.

He accused Clinton of trying to advance Washington's policy in the Middle East through lies, saying that regional countries are well aware of the true nature of such methods.

Mottaki criticized "unsuccessful strategies" of the US government in Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan and said Washington seeks to create crisis for democratic and independent states by waging a soft war.

"The US targets scientific and technological achievements of countries and their independence by interfering [in their internal affairs] and spending vast sums," he said.

He underlined that the US has adopted "wrong" approach in the Middle East and said that Washington pays no attention to realities in the region and forges military dictatorship by stoking tension and instability.

"We recommend Clinton and other US statesmen to open their eyes to realities in the region even one time… They should respect rights of regional states to development, welfare and modern technologies without enmity," Mottaki said.

He noted that regional countries would never be deceived by the US policies.

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