Wednesday, April 26, 2017

France 2017 - Marcon vs Le Pen and a Warning

By: Stewart Brennan

The stage is set for a showdown in France between the European Union, French deep state candidate “Emmanuel Macron” and ultra nationalist candidate “Marine Le Pen”…

Here are my thoughts on the French election:

The Euro dictatorship in Brussels has their deep state candidate running in the French Elections, Mr. Emmanuel Macron -“ni” or “nyet”?

The question is, “What do French citizens want?” Do they want to lose their cultural identity, their social programs and social reforms through EU dictates and austerity or do they want to save their cultural identity and their way of life by returning to a national state of economics?

All the chips are in the pot at this poker game and it looks like Macron’s pair of Queens bluff will be called by Le Pens and her Full House…


If Macron wins this high stakes poker game, France will be history… the people of France will lose everything they've gained socially and go down the path of an EU bankruptcy…a bankruptcy filled with austerity that will continue to rip France apart and bleed jobs away from the country the way they did to Greece…and of course, we must not forget that the EU also has a belligerent US economic foreign policy driving it. The USA does NOT like Socialist countries and is doing its best to destroy every single one of them…that is one of the reasons why the EU was created in the first place…to end European Socialism.

One Bank to rule them all, one Bank to fine them, One Bank to in-debt them all and in austerity bind them…”

The US foreign and economic policy is against socialism of any kind because it is practiced by nations that have their economic independence; nations that don’t like being told what to do…and we all know how the USA responds to nations that seek their economic independence…

France and all other European nations have been held hostage to an unelected executive EU governance which has held them in an iron grip of economic obedience…is it any wonder why we are hearing the sounds of revolt and revolution reverberating across Europe…Le Pen has the Eurocrats freaking out because if she wins, the dictatorship of the European Union will be over and so the European, US and French Deep State are going to do everything they can to stop Le Pen from winning…

The French and European Deep State are warning of an economic catastrophe if Marine Le Pen wins the French election in May 2017…yet in reality, no matter who is elected, the economy is going to crash anyways. But if France wants to save itself, then they should circle the national wagons and protect their culture and way of life.

France needs to drop out of the Euro to regain its national sovereignty if they are going to survive down the road when the European Union crashes under deeper austerity measures through the American economic de-socialism agenda.

In fact, I would warn the people of France that if they vote for Macron, they will lose their nation to wealthy speculators in a privatization blitz that will leave the people of France impoverished without their social and health programs, which of course will be whittled away under Euro austerity and deep budget cuts due to having to “Borrow” its budget money with interest to provide the goods and services the country needs.

Macron is all for de-nationalizing industry and selling it to special interests, which is one of the ways in which a country is taken apart economically…that is what Macron has done in the past and will do in the future if he is elected. In reality, Emmanuel Macron is anti-national and anti-France…

The people of France have to realize that no matter what candidate they choose, the economic picture is going to be very bad…however, it would be in the French peoples best interests to not go down with the European ship and instead regain their national identity…get out from under the EU before France is crushed by a crippling debt and austerity…Protect yourselves with your own national central bank and monetary system…a monetary system owned by the French people…money that would not be borrowed for budget expenditures but created by the government OF the French People and spent into existence without debt or interest…regain your Industries and make your own trades…don’t let the USA / EU dictate who you can trade with…the election is in 2 weeks, so you can either choose the status quo candidate and Eurocrat “Macron” and fade away into a global soup of anti-culture, debt and austerity OR choose the nationalist candidate “Le Pen” and retain your historical, political and economic identity…the Future is yours to decide…What have you got to lose? Everything…

CrossTalk - Le Pen vs Macron

Video Source: RT


  1. And what has Brexit (a capitalist Brexit) brought to the working class of Britain? All that Le Pen is doing is bargaining for bigger piece of the pie for certain sections of the French bourgeoisie. She is talking about pulling out of EU treaties and not out of the EU anyway. This is double talk so she can adjust later. Similarly with NATO. She talks about pulling out of the "integrated command" of NATO and not out of NATO. More power in other words for France. Endo Imperialist games. No to both is the answer. "La Peste ou le Cholera". Out of the EU and NATO with socialised means of production..

    1. Britain does not have a national public central bank but one that is private, so Britain still borrows its budget money and goes into debt...until that is rectified there will be no change for the people of Britain regardless of their for France the same thing can be said if Le Pen wins and does not move to create their own national currency and public national bank. It is essential, especially for a nationalist party, if that political party has any real intentions of rebuilding its country...Greece is a great example of what happens when a political party runs on a platform of economic change and does NOT enact the economic changes required to break free from economic enslavement...Le Pen, is all the people of France have right now to save them because the status quo candidate “Macron” will continue to allow France to be destroyed under a loan and austerity program that destroys the fabric of the country…the people of France must understand how very important this election is and what is at stake if they are going to save their country from total economic and cultural destruction. Once in power, an informed population will have to keep Le Pens feet to the fire...and if not, at least stall long enough to put a real Nationalist party in power who will make the real decisions to put France back in control of their own destiny...sticking with the status quo political and economic EU / US plan is a guaranteed recipe for disaster...

  2. La peste ou le cholera; Macron or LePen? None of them! I don't want to share LePen's speech-video, this is more than enough: Marine Le Pen calls for Mosque closings and the elimination of Muslim Brotherhood in France. Make France Great Again VOTE Le Pen – Anna R.

    1. The closing of Saudi wahabbi sponsored and Muslim Brotherhood mosques is not wrong if that was her message...these are not peaceful places but places where radical terrorism has sprung from. It isn't a war on Muslims or a religion, it is a measure against radicalism which is practiced by both the Saudi wahabist's and Muslim is not all mosques. The Muslim Brotherhood is a political organization that is determined to destroy Arab socialism and erect an Islamic dictatorship which is something both Wahhabi & Brotherhood have in common. These two groups are not the real Muslim community....

  3. An example of her demagogy is her position regarding the Euro. "The Euro is dead", she says. Giving the impression she is anti EU. Then she clarifies that the aim is to use the Franc for internal purposes but the EURO for external trade. Now how she will do that and not be in the EU only Varoufakis knows. Look at her other positions also (not her tweets). Exit from NATO? NO. Just the integrated command (whatever that means)? Double talk again.

    1. First, getting rid of terrorism and a terrorist organization is a good thing. The Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabbi ideology is a serious threat to the people of Europe because it is the Ideology of Al nusra and ISIS…they are evil twisted political perversions of Islam and do not represent Shia or Sunni Islam. Look at what these terrorist have done to Libya and Syria…

      Second, returning to the French Franc with a National “PUBLIC” central bank is EXACTLY what France needs to do, in order to regain their nation back from financial predators…ie: the Private Bankers and their majority shareholders. As it stands now, France “BORROWS” its budget money “the EURO” with compound interest and will never escape financial debt IE: Economic Dictatorship from the private ECB. The only way to escape the mounting debt and austerity is for the French government, who is responsible to the people, is to issue debt free currency for their own national budget WITHOUT outside interference. This practice was done in Canada between 1935 and 1974 and we did not go into debt but instead experienced growth and built a strong nation during those years.

      Third, dealing with other countries in trade with the Euro is not a problem because that is how you deal with other EU members who adopt that currency…the UK for example uses the pound but trade in the EURO with European countries…there’s no problem with using the currency of trade within the EU while using your own national currency…currency reserves are used for that purpose.

      Fourth, NATO is no longer required in the world since the Warsaw pact disintegrated when the Soviet Union fell…but to be a part of it is to do whatever the US says and that is a major problem for any moral human being that prides itself as a peace keeper... considering that the US Military which is 90% of NATO, drags their members into war crimes and crimes against humanity, France should have the right to either pull out or say no to US dictates…but they can’t if they are under the umbrella of the EU which also holds their country in economic oblivion…

      Voting for Macron will destroy everything that France was because the future under Macron and his EU deep state friends is to continue the War on independent nations such as Russia, Syria and Iran. The French debt will continue to rise because France borrows their government budget money from the ECB with interest…and since the debt will rise automatically, more Austerity will be issued where social programs will be cut and eventually eliminated…that’s the Future under Macron…at least with Le Pen France will survive if she follows through on her campaign promises…these are the facts…

    2. …and what is your knowledge on economics and the way the world is run? Do you at least have a well thought out position? In Canada we now have a 1 Trillion dollar government debt because we no longer use the Bank of Canada for our Federal or Provincial Budgets...since 1974 we have borrowed our money from Private banks which is why our economy has been on the decline since the mid 70's. The other thing is that successive governments have sold off our nations corporations (Crown Corps) to private pockets our resources are pulled from the ground and not one cent goes into building our all goes to wealthy a-holes that have usurped our country. The same can be said for France and all other nations that borrow their budget money from private banks

    3. When the Federal Reserve who is the creator of money alongside IMF keep on rising the debt ceiling like there was no roof on top, the rest are submitting currencies to the US$. A trillion in debt for Canada is an exaggerate but we are heading that way... why... we introduce carbon taxes while Trump champions for coal, what a joke, as we dare throw numbers at each other as though we know what's what, look at the big picture and you should understand.

    4. Canada's national Debt along with Provincial debt is about 1 trillion for the US Federal Reserve, that is a "Private" Central Bank owned by very few people. They are a large part of the US Deep state and have run the US economy into the ground by all the wars they have engaged in...all US wars are connected to its Imperial agenda and there is no way for it to change now as it has exhausted all its options...all they have left is outright war to force all other economically independent nations to bow to their dictates...that's not going to happen with Russia, China and for what maintains economic growth, its oil and gas energy and the US control of that is fading fast...

  4. Where was France before Euro, economically it has been Germany who has held Euro in place but France in many other ways was supportive, should Europe not survive who's going to pick up the pieces with the German elections ahead. Those are major players in the World scale, the indication is we are entering an authoritarian age, when the majority inclined to that, this suits some people I bet, nothing less than free is good enough for me.

    1. Germany should get out of the Euro as well before it destroys them completely. I would advise all European nations to do the same in fact...there is nothing but economic hardship down the road for all European nations if they continue with the EURO...there will also be economic pain when a nation goes back to their own national currency, however, the pain will be short lived and their economies will no longer go into for those under the private ECB, they will continue to be destroyed like Greece until eventually there will be nothing left...The World is heading for an economic disaster...its better to be on your feet rather than 6 feet under in debt...

    2. The elitists are on both side of the fence, Le Pen also has elites in her bag, just different tags, but all the same elitism also befits nationalism.

    3. People can either give up and side with Macron or even not cast a vote, or they can fight...and if Le Pen does not do what she promises, then it will be up to the people to have a revolution...I think its better to reclaim ones nation by peaceful means and with a well informed voting Le Pen seems to me the only choice France has to survive.


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