Monday, June 19, 2017

The Putin Interviews

“The Putin Interviews” is a four-part series of interviews between iconic film maker Oliver Stone and Russian leader Vladimir Putin providing the World with an in-depth view and understanding of the Russian leader, world events and the insane push of western political and economic hegemony over Russia and indeed the world. This is a very important historical documentary which should be, in my opinion, shared with every North American and Western European. (See Download Link at the bottom of this article)

US Deep State NOT Happy About these Interviews

Indeed, the US deep state and its mainstream media are not happy about these revealing interviews as we have seen by the attitude of TV propaganda host Colbert where he trashes Oliver Stone on Corporate TV, for Stone's showing the world a little sanity and reality by interviewing Vladimir Putin.

Oliver Stone’s interview with Vladimir Putin brings serious attention to the whole false narrative that the US Deep State and its mainstream media have concocted about Russia and their leader Vladimir Putin. It is my belief that the creation of an enemy keeps the US Imperial war economy thriving while also keeping the US economy afloat through endless wars that require endless amounts of weapons and material...and that is precisely what the US Deep State and its Mainstream Media are doing with Russia and Vladimir Putin, creating a new enemy by reviving a dead cold war foe. It seems that Russia is in the American's way of attaining global economic domination and they will stoop to the pits of hell to get what they want. The US position is nothing more than a suicidal pact with the devil which must be stopped by all means...and indeed, information such as what these interviews hold is the key to removing the poison inflicted by a truly biased and repugnant American media.

Below is the Colbert Interview of Oliver Stone

Warning: US Corporate BS is Contained in the Colbert video below. Please view the Putin Interviews above for a much clearer understanding. 😉

In an article written by John Wight on RT, he calls out “Colbert” and the US establishment for its insane position. Here's an extraction from his post...

"...Colbert’s line of questioning amounted to a regurgitation of the very caricature that Stone had set out to move beyond in over 20 hours of interviews on an abundance of topics with Putin – his upbringing, family history, career, thoughts on leadership, the challenges Russia faced during the dark days of the 1990s, his relations with various US presidents, NATO, and so on.

Yet for the likes of Mr. Colbert it’s much easier to go with the official narrative, contained in his first question of the interview: “What do you say to people who say that yours [Oliver Stone’s] is a fawning interview of a brutal dictator?” Not only the question, but also the casual and insouciant way in which it was delivered, confirmed the dumbing-down of news information, analysis and commentary that has been underway in the United States over decades.

The result is a culture so intellectually shallow it is frightening to behold, one in which ignorance is celebrated rather than scorned, in which national exceptionalism and arrogance is exalted rather than rejected. And woe betide anyone, such as Oliver Stone, who dares try to penetrate this fog of ignorance and sense of exceptionalism that has so corroded US cultural values...."

Freedom of Speech, Truth and Justice

As a person who believes in truth, honesty, peace, and justice, it is my position not to believe anything I am told by the US deep state, its government or its bought and paid for corporate news and entertainment industry simply because they've been caught lying time and again. If you want the truth, it is best to investigate everything happening in the world using the internet to uncover the truth.

Today, people are no longer held in a bubble of a nations propaganda because the internet provides everyone with the freedom to share their views and investigations, unlike the US corporate media who are employed to spin a narrative based on the economic interests of a few powerful people.

The battle for truth and justice has taken a great leap forward by alternative media, independent writers, investigative journalists all over the world, including important film makers such as Oliver Stone and his latest work, "The Putin Interviews".

It is important for everyone to investigate what is really happening in the world before the US economic deep state drag’s the world into another major conflict on the back of outlandish lies…you have a responsibility to your children, grandchildren and their future generations, to provide them with a real future…get your heads out of the illusion that western media has spun…start investigating reality for yourselves or we simply will not have a future at all.  

Stewart Brennan

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The Putin Interviews 

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